Having objective to add value for all stakeholders, the Sekompos carries out all its activities in international standards with principles of corporate management, customer responsibility understanding and protection of environment. It continues its strategy of efficient-oriented growth and by developing since 1992.

Our Customers Are Our Benefactor

Our first priority is to add value to our customers, and meet their expectations with quality and stability. Our duty is to adopt our products and to be near our customers after sales.

Our main target is to be best.

Our main target is to be best in quality, service, relations with suppliers and dealers, solutions for the customers.  And to protect the image we have.  Our basic principles is to undertake management in retail market we operate in and to be market leader.

Our Best Capital Is Human

Quality of our products and services means quaility of our employees. Our way for continuity is to recruit best personnel and qualified labor force, to employ, to provide benefit from their talents, powers and creativity; increase their efficienct, allow them to improve, create working environment with cooperation and coordination.  Our purpose is to create resource for continuance development.

Our main principles is to effect necessary investments for continuity of our service, to promote small and big ideas, provide high-quality service for our customers, help develop our employee and society economically and socially, create resource from activities, and provide intelligent use of all resources.   Our obsective is outstanding business ethics and honest working.

Our principle is to act with good will and understanding in order to achive mutual benefits in all our relations, and comply with laws and ethic rules. Our other leading and main principles is to fulfill our responsibility to today’s people and next generations.    Our duty is to act with awareness of protection of environment and sources for Turkey and world and raise this awareness.

We aim to add power to retail sector we operate in, solutions and instruments suitable for today’s dynamics.