First Supermarket Software

Has been offerred to customers as URANIUM, Retail System Software, which is compliant to real dynamics of retail sector and can be developed with outstanding and increased experience in the field of retail technology and needs. It gives integrated services to its customers with motto “Near you when growing”.

Growth and Solution

It provides consulting services to its customers about how growth promise shall be realized, and it crates necessary work flows for growth targets of companies .

1997: “Card Application”

Polat Shopping Center Customer Card Application.

1998: “Sekom, Sekompos”

Separation of speciality in order to achieve planned growth and targets.

1998: “Sekom, Sekompos”

13.850 mCOUNTOR AVM 48 cash register in one store

1999: “Karisba Media”

(Kardelen, İsmail, Bahadır. Three kids has given name to  third Company.) Retail News Positive News Shopping Culture and Techology Magazine Publication and publicity information and media power.

1999: “Turkey General Distributorship”

Turkey General Distributorship . New vision of the new millennium  Sekompos enters new millenium with new vision: “Offering competition instruments to local supermarkets with affordable prices”.

2000: “Uranium Retail Management Software “

Application and offering of necessary solutions for retail.

2000: ” Technical Services Are Now Under One Roof”

Sekom has independent structure to provide technical services

2001: “Ankara Office”

Location in Capital City for Anatolia.

2003: “Front Office for Financial Approved Pos”

For Espos 4000 Devices, SQL based Front Office Application.(first model in Turkey)

2005: “MyPOS Branch Communication Software”

Hardware independent point and center Branch Communication program. (Ankara Öğütler Supermarkets Chain  120.000 customers having card, 8000 card action per day, and point gain consume applications)

2005: “Karisba Media Informatics”

Retail News Program broadcasted alive in ExpoChannel.

2006: “MegaCenter”

Moving out company center to Mega Center under its property.

2007: “Increase of Branch Numbers at Supermarkets”

Integration of purchase power of local supermarket customers, over 15-19 from 5-6 branches

2008: “Diversification of Integrated Systems”

Integration to other brand pos devices.

2009: “Touchscreen POS Systems BARIUM”

For touchscreen pos devices, Sales Point Solution.

2010: “Touchscreen POS Systems TouchME”

Independent sales point from rear office for touchless pos devices.