Human Resources

Realizing all its aims with power taken from human resources it has, the Sekompos adopts as target to be a community having dominance of mutual trust and respect,  and value of participation and diversity.    Our community always give importance to supply  the qualified human resources, continuously develop employee, keep their motivation high.   Giving  particular importance to satisfaction and development of employee at the forefront and setting aside resource for this, the Sekompos believes that new and creative opportunities can be taken with combination of point of view and knowledge.

We carry out activities for years in order to add best ones to our company according to aims and principles of Sekompos. We, Sekompos, give importance to these qualifications below for recruitment

These Qualities Are:

  • Determination of Direction
  • Team work
  • Communication
  • Development of Cooperation
  • Result Orientation
  • Creativity and Entrepreneurship
  • Self-Improvement and Improvement of Colleagues
  • Harmony to Differences and Management
  • Customer Sensitivity

Responsibility and Transparency

Create permanent priorities in the field of innonation, trademark, patent, technology, design, informatics network, intellectual and industrial property, realize our values with respect to people, social responsibility awareness, and corporate management.


Brand, patent, technology, design, informatics network, idea, create permanent advantages in the field of property.

Active Participation

Create a management approach promoting participation and joint decision.

Strategical Approach

Manage our today’s work perfectly and plan our future in a way to provide priorities in long term.


Provide permanent priorities by creating differences.


Manage “strategic portfolio”, potential of competitive and sustainable growth, in a way to add value to its stakeholders.