A. Honesty
Our prior value is to be honest and reliable. We act with integrity and honesty in all dealings with employees and stakeholders.

B. Confidentiality

Private and confidential information includes SekomPos information that might lead to a competitive disadvantage of Companies, trade secrets, financial and other information not yet disclosed to the public, employee personal information with third parties, and signed “confidentiality agreements”.  Sekompos  takes special care to protect private information and the privacy of company employees, customers, employees and other individuals and organizations. We protect other confidential information regarding the activities, use this information only for the purposes of Sekompos; and share this information only with relevant parties. When we leave our company we are having because of the duties , we cannot take out the confidential information and documents, projects, regulations, and so on.

C. Conflict of Interest

We Sekompos employees aim to keep away from conflict of interest. Taking advantage of the current mission, personally, through family or our friends, we don’t have any personal interest from  individuals and organizations we make business. We avoid to use Sekompos name with aim of our identity and providing personal benefit.

D. Our Responsibility

In addition to our legal responsibilities, we have responsibilities to customers, employees, suppliers and business partners, competitors, community, humanity and towards the name of Sekompos as follows.

          1. Responsibilities to Lawful

We execute all activities and procedures at home and abroad,  within the framework of Republic of Turkey laws and international law, legal, regulatory bodies and institutions in a correct, complete, clear and timely manner. While we are carrying out all activities and procedures, we are located an equal distance to all kinds of public institutions and organizations, administrative bodies, civil society organizations and political parties without any expectation of interest, and fulfill our obligations in this sense of responsibility.

          2. Responsibilities To Our Customers

We work with customer focused satisfaction, answering needs and demands of our customers as soon as possible, the most proactive approach. We provide our services in timely manner and approach our customers with respect, honor, justice, equality, and courtesy

          3. Responsibilities to Our Employees

We provide a full and proper use of the personal rights of employees.  We approach employees with honesty and fair and we and are committed to non-discriminatory, safe and healthy working environment. We show effort  needed the development of individual employees, social responsibility and community activities in place appropriate social supports, and assure the balance between work life and private life.

          4. Responsibilities to Our Suppliers and Business Partners

As expected from a good customer, we act respectfully and fairly, ensure to fulfill our obligations on time.  We carefully protect confidential information of the persons, organizations and our business partners.

        5. Responsibilities to Our Rivals

We Effectively compete in the legal and ethical areas, and avoid unfair competition. We support all efforts to construct a competitive structure in the community.

          6. Responsibility to Society and Humanity

It is very important to us the democracy, human rights, and environmental protection, education and charity work, the elimination of crime and corruption.  We act as a pioneer in the awareness of good citizenship and social issues in a sensitive way; we move non-governmental organizations, public interest in services and activities for this role. We don’t provide a value of bribes or gifts in excess of the purpose and so on. We do not accept products and services, etc.

          7. Responsibility to “SEKOMPOS” name

Business partners, customers and other stakeholders rely on us due to our professional competence and integrity. We attempt to keep this reputation to the highest level. We provide company policies, services, professional standards within the framework of our commitments, and ethical rules, we ensure to carry out our obligations. We iare committed to provide the service in areas that we believe that we will be professionally competent, and within accuracy and legitimacy criteria, collaborate with customers, business partners and members. We don’t work with , those who attempt to damage the health of the environment and society and to undermine the moral values of society.

  • When we faced with complicated situations that may put Sekompos Company at risk, we primarily consult to the appropriate personnel, appropriate technical and administrative consulting procedures.

E. Ethics

      1. Does this activity / behavior complies with the laws, rules and traditions? (Standards)

  • Does this comply with professional standards?
  • Does it complies with laws?

      2. Is this event/behaivor  balanced and fair? What if rival company (other) made, Are we unconfortable? (Sense of justice)

      3. What if our company and stakeholders heart all details of this action from public, are we unconfortable? (Feelings and ethical values)

      4. To the what extent that the perceived fact  overlaps with objective truth? What a reasonable person did think under the same conditions?