Project manager

Applying Online Parking with Vera Delta’s new generation cash register.
All expectations and predictions in the framework of the assessment expectations of the various roadside parking company Vera back office created in the data flow that are required for communication with the cash register , database , Web service, all the design phase the introduction into the creation of the final product.


New generation EFT POS featured POS cash register, VERA Delta Holdings roadside Parking integrated with parkomat solution.A flexible tariff structure, black list tracking, subscriber tracking, official retail sales receipt printing feature print the receipt according to the profile information, and printed on the receipt to be able to generate revenue from advertising, the advantages of mobile parkomat solution. The data in the field can be observed in the snapshot of the platform money can be traced through a state diagram.Mobile parkomat solution, with the provision of regular parking vehicles on the side of the road provides a positive contribution to local traffic.